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With a regulation field, and multiple practice and children fields, we have many options to fit your need. Not only does Maryville Parks and Recreation enjoy using them for Fall and Spring Soccer Leagues, but the Maryville High School and traveling Twisters Soccer League frequently like using our facilities as well. 

For field renting inquiries, contact Kristy McLain at



Besides Maryville Parks and Recreation utilizing Donaldson West Side Park and Beal Park fields for Youth and Adult Leagues as well as special events, it is also home to ASA Tournaments. 

$20/hour for practices           No Chalking

                                                                $130/field for 1 - 2 games     (One time prep)

                                                                $150/field for 3+ games        (One time prep)

                                                                    $200 all day tournament (one time prep) 

                                                             $300 per field (multiple day event) with prep each day

If lights needed per practices $20/hour per field*

*tournament rentals: lights included for all day tournaments

For field rentals, contact Kristy McLain at or 660-562-2923


After years of discussion and planning, a skate park was completed in Donaldson Westside Park in 2007.  The facility includes a half-pipe, quarter-pipe, 3’ wedge, a double 2’ wedge with grinding rail, a grinding box, a free standing grinding rail and a skate-able bench.


A group of parents and kids made up the committee and they were successful in their mission and raised most of the funds for the equipment, with MPR Board approving funds to finalize the construction of the project. 


This project was completed through the involvement of several individuals and groups.  Funding from the Gladys Ricker Trust and the Tony Hawk Foundation Grant were also instrumental in making the skate park a reality.

Skate Park Rules
  • Park Hours are 5:00 am to 11:00 pm unless otherwise posted

  • Use this facility at your own risk

  • Usage is intended for skateboards, skates, and bikes

  • Be responsible – this park is not supervised

  • Safety First – helmets and other protective gear are highly recommended

  • Be respectful of others – no fighting or foul language

  • Clean up after yourself – do not leave trash on or around the skate park

  • Please no gum, food or drinks on the skate park surface

  • During inclement weather the park will be closed

  • Competitive activities or competitions must be approved and documented by Maryville Park and Recreation

  • All other Maryville Park and Recreation rules apply 

  • For emergencies call 911

  • To report damage call 660-562-2923


Donaldson's Football field is home of the Northwest Hounds Youth Football League, Flag Football League and Rugby Teams. Besides these sports, the field can be utilized for multiple other leagues and is a perfect open space for kite flying!

For field renting inquiries, contact Kristy McLain at

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