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With 10 parks, 2 facilities, and multiple fitness and sport activities, we are regularly hiring part-time and seasonal positions, as well as offering a variety of internship and field experience opportunities for students in the recreation field.  Below is a listing of the types of positions we are regularly hiring for. To inquire about the availability of open positions within MPR, stop by the Maryville Community Center, or give us a call at:  660-562-2923. 


Administration (at Maryville Community Center)

Child Care Providers

Front Desk Assistants



Basketball, Soccer & Volleyball Officials

Basketball Scorekeepers

Softball & Baseball Umpires




Aerobics Instructors

Personal Trainers


Seasonal Aquatics


Swimming Instructors

Swim Team Coaches

Front desk attendants




Maintenance Laborers


Summer Camp Counselor

MPR hosts a Summer Camp for ages 5-12 July-August. This four week camp is stacked with all kinds of fun activities such as pool days, field trips, movies and so much more. As a seasonal Camp Counselor you would help watch the kiddos and make sure everything is under control during all the fun. 

Part Time Staff

MPR hires periodically and seasonally for the above part-time opportunities.  For more information and the status of any opening of an above position, please contact Maggie Rockwood at:  To turn in an application, either bring it to the Maryville Community Center front desk, or email it to Maggie at the email above. An application for employment can be obtained below!


Interns/Field Experience

Numerous internships and field experience opportunities exist, whichever area of Parks and Recreation interests you most.  Please fill out this questionnaire and send to: if interested in having a fun learning experience through the Parks & Recreation field.



Personal Training

MPR contracts with individual trainers who operate their training business in our facility.  They are responsible for scheduling their own training sessions & developing workouts for their clients.  Trainers must have their personal training certification and current CPR certification prior to contracting with MPR.  For more information, please contact Maggie Rockwood at:

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