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With 10 parks, 2 facilities, and multiple fitness and sport activities, we are regularly hiring part-time and seasonal positions, as well as offering a variety of internship and field experience opportunities for students in the recreation field.  Below is a listing of the types of positions we are regularly hiring for. To inquire about the availability of open positions within MPR, stop by the Maryville Community Center, or give us a call at:  660-562-2923. 


Administration (at Maryville Community Center)

Child Care Providers

Front Desk Assistants



Basketball, Soccer & Volleyball Officials

Basketball & Soccer Scorekeepers

Softball & Baseball Umpires




Aerobics Instructors

Personal Trainers




Swimming Instructors

Swim Team Coaches

Front desk attendants




Maintenance Laborers


Part Time Staff

MPR hires periodically and seasonally for the above part-time opportunities.  For more information and the status of any opening of an above position, please contact Maggie Rockwood at:  An application for employment can be obtained below!



Interns/Field Experience

Numerous internships and field experience opportunities exist, whichever area of Parks and Recreation interests you most.  Please fill out this questionnaire and send to: if interested in having a fun learning experience through the Parks & Recreation field.

Personal Training

MPR contracts with individual trainers who operate their training business in our facility.  They are responsible for scheduling their own training sessions & developing workouts for their clients.  Trainers must have their personal training certification and current CPR certification prior to contracting with MPR.  For more information, please contact Maggie Rockwood at:

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