Beal Park

Beal Park is located at 700 N. Laura Street. This park has two shelters with picnic tables and grills. It also contains a basketball court, two tennis courts, four baseball fields, and three sand volleyball courts. It's location makes it ideal for any family gathering during the summer months as the Maryville Aquatic Center is located across the parking lot.

Franklin Park

Franklin Park is located at 721 N. Main. This if very close to the downtown shopping district, which makes it a perfect relaxation park. It is also the home of Missouri's first freedom rock at the Freedom Rock plaza, as well as Winter Wonderland, which is held the first Friday of December. This park contains one swing set and a shelter with picnic tables and grill.

Happy Hallow

Happy Hallow Park is located at 709 E. Third. Although surrounded by neighborhoods, this is a perfect location for any birthday or family gathering. With plenty of open space, a basketball court, swing set and playground structure your family is bound to have plenty of fun spending the day outdoors.

Judah Park

Judah Park is located at 615 W. Thompson. With a walking trail, playground, basketball court, shelter, and plenty of open field to run around, this park is the perfect location for any family outing.

Peach Creek Park

Peach Creek Park is located at 704 W. Edwards near Judah Park. This park is considered the smallest out of all Maryville's parks only containing a basketball court.


Robertson-Crist park is located at 519 Prather St. Although you have to look for the entry way, this park is considered the biggest out of all of Maryville's parks having 10.5 acres. This park is considered a nature park with it's abdunance of trees and wildlife which makes this park the perfect place to relax and take in all the beauty nature has to offer. Robertson-Crist contains a pond, grill and picnic tables.

Sisson-Eek Park

Sisson-Eek Park is located at 406 W. Lincoln. This park was renovated in 2016/2017 by installing a new playground, building a new shelter, and concreting ADA accessible sidewalks. Sisson-Eek is home to a open field, basketball court and new swing set which includes Maryville's only parent-tot swing.

Sunrise Park

Sunrise Park is located at 1316 E. Halsey. This park has one of the newest and more unique playground structures. With a shelter that can fit multiple people, trees that create shade, a baseball field, basketball court and plenty of open space to run, it is the perfect place for an afternoon picnic, family reunion or just a day to spend outdoors.

Wasbash Park

Wabash Park is located at 915 N. Mulberry. Although Wabash Park has plenty of playground equipment, it is most known for it's basketball courts, where you can almost always find a pickup game. Along with plenty of open field and a big hill kids enjoy rolling down, you can find a shelter with a grill.

Donaldson Westside Park

Donaldson Westside Park is located at 1000 N. Country Club Rd. Donaldson Westside Park is our newest park, being built in early 2000's. This park contains four baseball fields, a football field, and five soccer fields making it the perfect location for any sporting event. Along with being a sports complex, there are two shelters, a playground, skate park and amphitheater that is home to our June "Concerts in the Park" series.


Thomson Splash 'N' Play

The park is located at the corner of Munn Avenue and Highway V in Maryville, the zero-depth splash pad will have spray features and musical play attractions. The park will also include a restroom facility, shade structures, benches and landscaping features in the future.

The park is free for the public, offering 4,000- square foot to play on from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day through September.